Prof. Vasudeva Murthy

A professor from TIFR – CAM, he has degrees in MSc (Math) from Karnataka University, Dharwad, and a PhD (Mechanical Engineering) from IISc, Bangalore in applications of mathematics. Before working as a professor from TIFR – CAM, he was an Associate Professor in TIFR, IISc Bangalore.

Sir C. V. Raman young scientist award for mathematics was awarded to him by the Govt. of Karnataka. Among the many research projects he has done, one that stands out is the CSIR – NMITLI project. The other projects that he has done are IGCAR – RRE on atmospheric flow field modelling for Kalpakkam site (2009-2011).

Dr. M Sankar

A professor in the Department of Mathematics, Presidency University, he has degrees in M.Sc (Mathematics) from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and a PhD (Mathematics) from Bangalore University, Karnataka. He has done his Post – Doctoral Research in Kyunpook National University, South Korea.

His research areas include Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Convection in Porous Media, Heat Transfer in Nanofluids. He has published 37 research papers in reputed National / International Journals and Conference Proceedings. He has presented 17 research articles in National / International conferences.

Prof. Ramesh Basappa

Presently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Bangalore University, Bangalore, he has research interests in High Reynolds number flow, Numerical Elliptic PDE, and Biomechanics to name a few.
His research experiences include a Post – Doctoral Fellow from the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Scientist from University of Cambridge.

He has done research on stability of two – dimenshional collapsible – channel flow at high Reynolds number. Among other notable researches are: Analysis of Steady Viscous Flow between Two Porous Disks, exact solution of two – dimenshional MHD Boundary layer flow over a semi infinite flat plate, etc.

Dr. T. R. Seetharam

Currently the PESU Chair Professor in Thermal Engineering, he has 19 research publications and has published two books. He got his M.Tech degree from IIT, Kanpur and did his PhD in IIT, Bombay. Prior to being the Chair Professor, he was the Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean Academic Affairs for Autonomous Programme (PESIT). His has published many papers on the topic of National Heat and Mass Transfer.

Dr. K. N. Seetharamu

Currently the PESIT Chair Professor in Thermal Engineering, he was, previously, the Dean of the R&D department in Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College of Engineering. He also worked as a Professor and an Assistant Professor in IIT Madras. He got his M.E from IISc, Bangalore and did his Phd in IIT Madras.

He has attended close to 104 National conferences and 95 International conferences. He has published 13 National journals and 161 International Journals.

Dr. Koshy George

Dr. Koshy K George obtained his Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Science (by Research), and Doctor of Philosophy respectively from the University of Mysore, IIT Madras, and IISc, Bangalore. He has held postdoctoral positions at Seoul National University, Korea, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and Yale University, USA. He has been with PES Institute of Technology since January 2006. He also directs the activities of the PES Centre for Intelligent Systems which was set up in 2007. His interests are primarily in adaptation and nonlinear systems.

Dr. Rex Joseph

Dr Rex Joseph obtained his Ph D degree from the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. His research work was on “Ballast-Free Variable-Speed Generation for Stand-alone and Grid-Connected Micro-Hydel Power Plants”.

He obtained his Masters degree from the Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDT) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and his Bachelor’s degree from Bangalore University. Prior to joining as a research student in IISc, he worked as faculty for several years. Dr. Rex Joseph works in the areas of renewable energy, incremental motion control and drives. He is currently working on a project on hybrid charging in solar based inverters.

Ms. Prajakta Sabnis

Ms. Prajakta Sabnis is currently the General Manager of applications at COMSOL. She started at COMSOL as an applications engineer at the Bangalore office in 2010. She has a Master’s degree in Microelectronics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Prof. P. S. Kannan

Prof. P S Kannan holds a M. Tech (Information Technology) degree from the Karnataka Open University. He has a work experience of 22 years. His research interest includes Graph Theory based implementation of ciphers. He has served as the Head of the Department of BCA between 2000 and 2016 at PESIT. He has handled subjects such as Operations Research, Computer Graphics, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Graph Theory , Web Programming and Analysis of design Algorithm.